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Food Alternatives for Vegans

A vegan diet lacks a plethora of nutrients required to keep the immune system working at peak efficiency. Plentiful research indicates that a vegan diet just doesn’t meet the nutritional needs required for sustainable wellbeing. We are proud of having excellent products that work as food alternatives for vegans who can’t get the enough number of vitamins such as B-12 from fruits and vegetables. With our food alternatives for vegans you can have peace of mind knowing your body will receive the right amount of nutrients and all your systems will not be affected by following a strict diet without the presence of any products coming from animals. 

Our company takes pride in being one of the greatest allies vegans can have when looking to fortify their diets and fill those holes a full vegan diet can have. With our superior products you will successfully receive extra benefits directly related to your immune system and its proper functioning. Along with the best food alternatives for vegans, at Dr. Willard we also have alkaline water that works as the perfect vehicle to carry nutrients around your organism and take them to your bloodstream. Studies have displayed Dr Willard’s products, not only our food alternatives for vegans but also our alkaline water, can successfully balance acidity levels thanks to an enhanced pH level. 

With our products, including our food alternatives for vegans, nutrients and vitamins are more likely to be fully absorbed and maximise bioavailability in our bodies. Dr Willard understands the importance of hydration and diets as essential parts of your health, and our food alternatives for vegans and alkaline water offers excellent benefits while keeping you hydrated and fed well. Contact us today if you want more information about this or any of our natural and healthy products.  

Note: Our vegan food alternatives are complemented by our excellent natural products, including our second to none alkaline water which consistently increases nutrients absorption and has been highly documented to assist in human wellbeing. Contact us today for more information. 

Dr. Willard’s Ultimate Alkaline Water has some unprecedented properties which set it far apart from regular water. This alkaline water works as a detox cleanse. Its exceptional properties aid in weight loss and bowel movement. This highly bio-available water helps to bring the body into balance with its unique ability to help the body to increase both the absorption and overall bio-availability of the nutrients in the food we eat and vitamins we consume. It also causes the cells to better absorb and utilize antioxidant solutions thus increasing their overall effectiveness.