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Gluten Intolerance Treatment

Dr. Willard’s alkaline water is an excellent option for people with celiac disease because it boosts nutrients absorption and ensures the digestive system can withhold more nutrients from the food consumed. Until recently, people who obtained negative results in blood tests and underwent an intestinal biopsy used to diagnose celiac disease, were told to eat whatever they wanted; they did not know they needed a gluten intolerance treatment.

However, many of those people tried the gluten-free diet anyway, a diet that eliminated all foods that included gluten grains – wheat, barley and rye – as an effective gluten intolerance treatment and reported that they felt much better. Their symptoms (which included fatigue, digestive problems and neurological problems) disappeared when they ate gluten free. It’s still important to seek for complimentary products that may help you achieve the nutritional values your body requires.

In the forty years since Dr. Willard made his amazing discovery, Dr. Willard’s Water has been used by thousands of customers all over the world for a variety of applications such as improving personal health, increasing agriculture production and maintaining pet health. Dr. Willard’s sons and grandchildren are still selling his Water to customers all over the world.

A gluten intolerance treatment is also an excellent option for people with gluten sensitivity as well, who cannot be considered people with celiac disease. So far, a gluten intolerance treatment is developed according to what is known about the disease, it is not clear yet whether it is the protein of wheat, barley and rye that causes the symptoms of the condition. In fact, researchers have identified other compounds in wheat, specifically, they say they might be responsible. So, although evading the consumption of gluten is essential to prevent this condition, people should also look for complementary substances that help their gluten intolerance treatment.

With our alkaline water you can stay hydrated and receive more nutrients from food thanks to its enhancing potential. Contact us today for more information and explore our range on the website.