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Healthy Vegan Alternatives 


Here at Dr. Willard we comprehend that following a fully vegan diet is a convoluted task that may require some persistence, courage and time to get used to. In this text we offer you some of the best vegan friendly foods that can help you get started with your vegan diet. Even Though a vegan diet has been researched to administer subpar nutritional value for an individual, our team has constructed healthy vegan alternatives to ensure you are up taking all the necessary nutrients to sustain your daily routine and promoting your wellbeing.  


Cheese replacement is always a easier task, as we can use different commercial or homemade preparations but popular as: 


  • Tofu in all its variants: firm, soft, semi firm or, if we want it grated to replace a Parmesan, we can freeze and grate it just before using. A must one of vegan friendly foods. 


  • Vegetable gelatinized drink with seeds or with alginates or jellies of vegetable origin so that we do not look very different from traditional cheese. We can use almond, coconut, oatmeal or other milk and thus achieve a homemade substitute for 100% vegetable cheese. 


Vegan friendly foods also allow you to try new things, you can open yourself to pates. In replacement of pates that we also usually use in different dishes we can use the substitutes proposed for mayonnaise or any of the following recipes: 

  • Pate with red lentils, eggplant and mushrooms: a color very similar to the liver-based pate and full of good nutrients. One of the tastiest vegan friendly foods.  


  • Mushroom and nut pate: filled with good fats, fiber and vegetable proteins, this is another good replacement for the traditional pate of animal origin. 


As we can see, there are a variety of vegan friendly foods so that our vegan diet has nothing to envy to the omnivorous diet we had, but that we can replace frequent ingredients in a healthy way. Contact us today at Dr. Willard if you want to know more about excellent vegan friendly foods and how you can incorporate our products to your daily diet.