Natural Medicine For OCD

Alleviate symptoms of OCD with natural medicine for OCD, such as our new and improved Practitioner Formulas solution. A formula that promotes the alleviation of symptoms associated with depression, panic attacks and OCD, this product is not intended as a treatment or cure, however may reduce and aid in symptom management such as repeated behaviours, intrusive thoughts and more so they do not overtake your daily routine. Moreover, our product is an effective natural medicine for OCD with an array of benefits that may assist in daily functioning.


Helps in reducing OCD symptoms and anxiety
Assists in panic attack symptoms
Not taxing on the body, as it is made of natural ingredients
Does not come with the addiction, mood swings and tolerance that presciption drugs may administer

Practitioner Formulas are a natural remedy for OCD relief, a natural remedy created from an infusion of vibrational essences also known as flower essences in purified water and brandy or Vegetable glycerin as a preservative. It is a well-tested and an effective OCD symptom reliever with a comparable effect to traditional pharmaceutical drugs yet without any of the known adverse side effects whilst potentially providing relief from everyday OCD rituals anxiety and other possible symptoms including stress.

With a variety of water types that are geared for various functions, we house all health promoting water products, as well as Aloe gels and many more wellbeing products that work. If you are seeking a natural medicine for OCD and other mental disorders and have not been able to find an effective remedy that works for you, seek no further as we may have the solution for you; contact us today for any additional information on our products.