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Symptoms of Being Celiac 

The symptoms of being celiac are extra digestive and digestive, they may vary according to age and are also not the same in all people with celiac disease. It is important to know them to try to make the diagnosis as early as possible. And even more, if we have people with celiac disease in the family, these symptoms become even more important, since first-degree relatives are the main risk group for celiac disease. At Dr. Willard we offer consistent solutions and complements such as our powerful alkaline water to complement your dietary habits and enhance nutrient absorption. 

According to Dr. Staninger, “Willard Water significantly improved the efficacy of multiple vitamin absorption rates. All study participants showed significant improvement by drinking Willard Water over the 30 day period.” 

The symptoms of being celiac can occur throughout the body because it is a multisystemic disease. However, some are more described than others in the medical literature, and it is evidence that the symptoms of celiac disease are different depending on the age of the patient. From the most classic digestive symptoms that normally manifest in children, to asymptomatic celiac disease or extra digestive manifestations of the most varied celiac disease that occur most commonly in adult patients. Hydration is necessary to keep symptoms of being celiac at bay, for that reason at Dr. Willard we offer the best alkaline water available in the market. 

The first thing that we must be clear about is that the symptoms of being celiac cannot manifest itself if there is no consumption of gluten, since it is this what originates it. Dr Willard is the best option to look for foods to avoid when you do not want symptoms of being celiac to show up, you also should adopt the habit of drinking alkaline water which offers many extra benefits you will not find in common water.  

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