5.0 out of 5 stars Good for you and your dogs

We drink it and I also give it to my dogs. One of my dogs had an open sore on her foot and she would not stop licking it. I would dip her foot with water and Willard’s water mixed and within a few days it cleared up.

Melissa Verified Purchase Reviewed in the United States August 23, 2020

I just started using Willard Water and can tell a difference in my energy level and clear thinking and stress level in just two weeks. I would wake up in the morning sluggish and not get much accomplished during the day. This days I jump out of bed every morning refreshed with a smile and positive attitudes and ready to do complete of the chores that I haven’t finished the previous day and all new projects I have on my desk that. Amazing product. .

Daniel M. Victoria Australia December 3, 2019

This stuff is AMAZING! Have used it for years on any burn or scrape. Has wonderful healing properties! Keep some in the fridge, and if you get a burn, put it on immediately! And just keep putting it on until it stops burning. For bad burns, make ice cubes out of it. But I am telling you, there is nothing that can heal a burn like this stuff / even better than straight Aloe. I am not kidding. One time on a trip with people who got sunburned, everyone was begging me for it!!

Best way to heal burns!! Reviewed in the United States Verified Purchase February 23, 2020

Must say again how grateful I am for the water for my dear dogs. Nothing would help the coat of my beautiful poodle for over a year and I read about this water in a dog magazine. His coat is showmanship again. My vet is thinking of using it to grow his hair back. My daughter's 14-year-old border collie was at death's door. I suggested she try the water. She got a new skip in her step and has more good days ahead, it seems I am dropping a bit in my water jug now. Thank you so much

Verified Purchase Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2015

I used this in my water all the time...great for allergies and headaches.

This product is just wonderful. Whenever I have stomach problems with allergies, it never fails to soothe my stomach and remove the pain

Blanche-Marie Verified Purchase Reviewed in the United State July 23, 2014