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Welcome to Dr Willard`s Message

Welcome to Dr Willard`s Message: For almost 5 decades, Dr. Willard`s Alkaline Water® has been used by people all over the world as a detox cleanse, for weight loss and for a bowel movement- a foundation for excellent wellbeing.

Alkaline detox cleanse, alkaline water for weight loss and alkaline water bowel movement Dr. Willard’s Ultimate Alkaline Water has some exceptional properties which set it far apart from regular water.

This alkaline water works as a detox cleanse. Its exceptional properties help in weight loss and bowel movement.

This highly bio-available water helps to bring the body into balance with its unique ability to help the body to increase both the absorption and overall bio-availability of the nutrients in the food we eat and vitamins we consume. It also causes the cells to better absorb and utilize antioxidant solutions thus increasing their overall effectiveness. Willard Water® works to improve the elimination of toxins and wastes (Detox), by enhancing Free Radicals Scavenging Activity. Willard Water® has a high alkaline pH value of 12.3 and is a good source of Macro and Trace Minerals.

Welcome to Dr Willard`s Message: When diluted as per instructions Dr. Willard’s Ultimate alkaline Water has a pH value between 9.8- 10.3. Consumed regularly, it can ultimately contribute to weight loss and anti-aging, amongst several other benefits including skin hydration level, detoxification, and balance in your body’s pH levels. Dr. Willard`s Ultimate is Non-Toxic, Non-Caustic, Non- Carcinogenic and Non-Mutagenic. Dr. Willard “Ultimate” Water contains Silica (Silicon) which along with calcium, helps to grow and maintain strong bones. It is also an important anti-aging nutrient and a major player in preventing osteoporosis. Silica (Silicon) is also important for the growth of hair, to our skin and fingernails.