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Topical Spray

Promotes production of Collagen and Elastin improving skin tone and ageing. Provides superior skin hydration to help to keep skin smooth and younger-looking and beautiful.

Aloe Gel
New Premium Formula Aloe Gel 473 ml

Using only natural ingredients, this dynamic new skin care product combines the cellular absorption and moisture retention qualities of the Willard Water with the incredible properties of aloe Vera.

Welcome to Dr Willard’s Australia

Dr. Willard’s Ultimate Alkaline Water has some exceptional properties which set it far apart from regular water.
This alkaline water works as a detox cleanse. Its exceptional properties help in weight loss and bowel movement.
This highly bio-available water helps to bring the body into balance with its unique ability to help the body to increase both the absorption and overall bio-availability of the nutrients in the food we eat and vitamins we consume. It also causes the cells to better absorb and utilize antioxidant solutions thus increasing their overall effectiveness.

Who Can Benefit from Our Products

In the forty years since Dr. Willard made his amazing discovery, Dr. Willard’s Water® has been used by thousands of customers all over the world for a variety of applications such as improving personal health, increasing agriculture production and maintaining pet health. Dr. Willard’s sons and grandchildren are still selling his Water to customers all over the world. We encourage you to explore Dr. Willard’s official website to learn more about Dr. Willard and his wonderful Dr. Willard’s Water®. We believe you will come to the same conclusion as our customers — Dr. Willard’s Water® works.

Key Benefits

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Better Absorption & Digestion

Recent clinical studies and testing have shown that subjects drinking Dr. Willard’s Water® on a regular basis have little or no undigested nutrients in their urine
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Keeps the alkalinity on your body at the optimal level for longer

Dr Willard’s Water is a premium alkaline water with a pH. 10+ that can neutralize the acidity of the body caused by stress, modern diet, air
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Eliminates harmful toxins from the body

Dr Willard’s premium alkaline water works as a detox cleanse. Its exceptional properties help to detoxify cells, flushing out and preventing wastes from accumulating in cells.
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Helps to achieve & maintain optimal wellbeing

Regular consumption will assist in achieving and maintain optimal wellbeing and experience the amazing benefits of Dr Willard’s premium alkaline Water.
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For almost 5 decades,
Dr. Willard’s Alkaline Water®
has been used by people
all over the world as a detox cleanse

Dr. Willard Products

Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst is a nutrient absorption enhancer that improves the uptake and assimil


Dr Willard`s Topical spray There are many key processes that may occur within the skin to keep it h

ULTIMATE CONCENTRATE 1Litre ( 33.8fl.oz) Australia Label RECEIVE FREE 500 ml bottle($49.95) WITH EACH 1Litre bottle order

946ml (32fl oz) bottle of Dr. Willard’s Water® ULTIMATE™ Concentrate has a pH of 12.3. When dil

CLEAR CONCENTRATE 1Litre (33.8fl.oz) Australian Label- get a 250ml bottle FREE WITH ORDER

1L (38fl oz) bottle of Dr. Willard’s Water® CLEAR™ Concentrate.contains about twice the amount


What our clients say

I used this in my water all the time...great for allergies and headaches.

This product is just wonderful. Whenever I have stomach problems with allergies, it never fails to soothe my stomach and remove the pain

Blanche-Marie Verified Purchase Reviewed in the United State


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