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Eliminates harmful toxins from the body

Dr Willard’s premium alkaline water works as a detox cleanse. Its exceptional properties help to detoxify cells, flushing out and preventing wastes from accumulating in cells. It Improves body function by cleaning your cells from the inside out and preventing Free Radicals from forming and damaging cells. In the same way that the Water helps the body deliver more nutrients to the cells, it also more efficiently removes toxins from the body which in turn allows more room for vitamins and other nutrients to be absorbed and eliminates harmful toxins from the body.

Finally, drinking Dr. Willard’s Water® has shown in studies to serve as a free radical scavenger. Many scientists believe that free radicals, highly reactive toxic compounds, are responsible for most of the degenerative disease associated with Unhealthy eating, alcohol, smoking, irregular and stressful lifestyle. The toxic chemicals damage the body organs and obstruct the functioning of the body organs. By reducing these free radicals and toxins, Dr Willard’s Water® has a positive effect on overall wellbeing and eliminates harmful toxins from the body.