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Typical Uses


In the decades since Dr. Willard invented his now famous Willard Water®, people all over the world have found a variety of different applications for it. Below are some of the most common applications:

Balance the pH of the coffee you drink

Add one teaspoon of Dr willard`s Ultimate Water concentrate to a short black or a medium/ Large size cup of coffee , black or white to balance the pH of the coffee to ensure that drinking several cups per day, will not contribute to any possible tummy hurt and other health problems. A typical coffee as a pH value around the 4.5, adding a teaspoon of Willard Water to the coffee will rise the pH of the coffee,it will enhance the taste of the coffee, will enhance the caffeine level and will help to assimilate all the goodness of the coffee and digestion particularly when taken with full cream cow milk.

Tea with Willard Water Clear or Ultimate

The type of tea you drink can make a difference. All non-herbal teas are made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The amount of time the leaves are processed determines whether you end up with a green, black or oolong tea.The green teas are the least processed and tend to have the highest amounts of polyphenols, and the only type that contain the polyphenol, catechin, which is why many studies have been done using only green teas. Certain herbal teas are known for their medicinal values, including soothing the digestive system. Adding small amount(a teaspoon) of Dr Willard`s Clear or Ultimate concentrate to a cup of tea, will enhance its flavor, absorb all the nutrients( minerals , vitamins) better and enhance the many health benefits of the tea.

Herbal Infusions and Dr Willard`s Clear or Ultimate concentrate

Like teas, herbal infusions are commonly consumed daily by people around the world. They deliver many health benefits including boosting your metabolism, promote fat loss, helping with night time sugar craving .Adding small amount of Dr Willard`s Ultimate concentrate to a cup of herbal infusion, will enhance its flavor, absorb all the nutrients better, and enhance the many health benefits of the herbal infusion. Drinking 4-6 cups a day of herbal infusion with Willard water Clear or Ultimate concentrate for lengthy periods , may assists with weight loss.

Citric cocktails with Dr Willard`s Clear or Ultimate concentrate

Dr Willard`s Clear or Ultimate Concentrate when added to a very refreshing and tasting citric cocktail, will turn of the water of the added water and the water from the actual juice to premium alkaline water and will significantly enhance the power of all the antioxidants of the citric fruits cocktail, balance the pH of the cocktail, increases the absorption of mineral and vitamins present on the drink to avoid drinking a refreshing, healthy very tasting but also very acidic drinks and reduces the acidity of you blood pH.

Raw Juicing

Adding 2.5ml ( one metric teaspoon) of Dr Willard’s Water Clear or Ultimate concentrate to your freshly made or bought super raw juices made with all fruits or vegetable or a mixture of both , will turn the water contained in the actual juice to premium alkaline Willard Water and significantly increase the absorption of all the nutrient , vitamins and minerals and proteins contained in the juice. It will also lower the pH value of the actual juice which tends to be very acidic in most cases, to a more neutral pH.
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Alkaline Water Health Benefits, How To Use It And How Much

Turn your tap water into premium alkaline water by adding 2.5 ml( a normal teaspoon) of Dr Willard Clear or Ultimate Concentrate to a 250ml( 8floz) glass of the tap water and enjoy all its many health benefits at very low cost per glass of water you drink, and hep to protect the environment from a large number of bottled alkaline water purchased worldwide from different stores and properly and improperly disposed every day… Read more

Ensure your body assimilate all the necessary nutrients from the food you eat and drink during pregnancy and behind.

Drinking Dr Willard`s Water Clear or Ultimate daily ,Keep your body in overall Homeostasis(good health) during your pregnancy and behind it will help maximizing absorption of all nutrients in the food you eat, drink and the vitamins and minerals you consume every day. May also assist you with blood sugar levels , Cystitis, Constipation and hydration… Read More

Add Dr Willard Clear or Ultimate concentrate to all Juices you make or buy from any store as in general terms juices tends to be acidic

Add a teaspoon(2.5ml) of Dr Willard`s Clear or Ultimate Concentrate to any juice you make or bay from supermarkets and other convenience stores to ensure that everyone in the family will experience the amazing benefits of Dr Willard premium alkaline Water… Read More

Take Dr Willard Ultimate Water with you wherever you go

Don’t leave home without it, take Dr Willard Clear or Ultimate concentrate with you , no matter where you travel to ,for how long you travel for, and who you travel with. Dr Willard Water Clear- Ultimate concentrate will transform any non carbonated water( water without any bubbles) into Premium alkaline water that you, your friend, your family including 4 legged members of the family can drink… Read More

Add the recommended dosage of Dr Willard Clear-Ultimate concentrate to all drinks on the table for the entire family

Add the recommended dosage of Dr Willard Clear or Ultimate concentrate to tap water,or any non-carbonated mineral filtered, purified water,or to the,Juice you have bought or prepared so that everyone at the table can drink Dr Willard’s premium alkaline water and enjoy its amazing health benefits… Read More