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Dr Willard Ultimate Concentrate for Human Consumption – Vegan

Vegans are at reduced risk of serious illness, However Vegan diets are lacking in some vital nutrients

Unfortunately, a diet that excludes all animal products does have some nutritional drawbacks. The reduced or even (in some extreme cases) non-existent levels of vitamin B-12 in a strict vegan diet are of particular concern. Vitamin B-12 has many implications for the smooth running of the central nervous system and for optimizing metabolic functions and it is the view of many nutritionists that it’s very difficult to get adequate amounts of B-12 from fruits and vegetables alone.

“If you’re not getting enough B-12, you may feel weakness, fatigue, constipation, and lack of appetite. Without proper amounts of B-12, an infant cannot thrive, and as we age, we have fewer of the gastric acids that synthesize the B-12 from foods, so that’s why my recommendation for B-12 is so strong.”

While animal products offer a complete package of all the essential amino acids that our body needs (and are an omnivores go-to for them), pulses, which include dried peas, kidney beans, chickpeas, fava beans, black beans and adzuki beans, among others, are an unparalleled source of complete plant protein, containing all the essential amino acids we require.

We recommend to Consume 4 to 6 (300 ml) glasses of Dr Willard water Ultimate daily, to substantially increase the absorption of Vitamins, Mineral and all other important nutrients present in the food you eat and drink like fruits and vegetables which contains phytochemicals and antioxidants that significantly reduce the risk of chronic illnesses. Dr Willard Ultimate alkaline water contains an abundant natural source of Macro and  Trace minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Silicon, Magnesium, Manganese and more, essential to maintain optimal health and wellbeing.It also Increase Intracellular Hydration, replenishes Essential Minerals Stabilizes and Protects Cells and helps to keep your blood pH alkaline to avoid acidosis.