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Nutritional facts and Properties

Willard Water Interactions

None well documented.

Willard Water Adverse Reactions

The original manufacturers of Dr. Willard’s Water, CAW Industries, Inc., claims that Willard Water has been analyzed by many reputable laboratories and always has found the product to be non-toxic, non-mutagenic, and non-carcinogenic.


No toxicity had been reported to the FDA as of 1982, and the product has not been generally associated with significant toxicity problems.


The formula of Willard Water appears to have changed over the decades. The FDA has found that various products contain combinations of rock salt, lignite, sodium metasilicate, sulfated castor oil, calcium chloride, and magnesium sulfate.
The original and only manufacturers of Dr. Willard’s Water, CAW Industries, Inc., document the following recipe on their Web site: water, sodium metasilicate, sulfated castor oil, CAW micelle, nutritional facts and Properties refined lignite, calcium chloride, and magnesium sulfate. During Willard Water preparation, the molecular structure of water is altered by a catalyst and a “CAW micelle” is created, “making it behave in a manner that heretofore has not been reported in the literature,” as stated by Dr. Willard himself.
The Willard family has acknowledged that the product does not have the capability to cure disease.
Serving size:

  • 2.5 ml of concentrate for a 250 (8floz) glass of water
  • 7.5 ml of concentrate for each Lt of tap, bottled, filtered, od distilled non- carbonated water
  • Calories=Zero % Dailly value=0%
  • Calories from Fat=Zero % Dailly value=0%
  • Cholesterol=o mgr % Dailly value=0%
  • Sodium=1omgr %Dailly value=0%
  • Total carbohydrates=0gr % Dailly value=0%
  • Protein-0gr % Dailly value=0%

The product is not a significant source of saturated fat, trans fat, sugars, dietary fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C Calcium, and Iron.
Nutritional facts and Properties: Percent daily values are based on a 2000 Calorie diet.