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How to use it and daily servings

How much Dr. Willard’s water (Healthiest Bottled Water) to consume daily, ways to use it.

It is recommended to drink 4 to 6 (250 ml) glasses of diluted Willard`s Alkaline Water daily for restoring pH balance in the body.
Consume Dr. Willard`s Ultimate Concentrate daily to turn any water present in any fruit juice, raw juicing, Cold-Pressed Juices, tap water, bottled water, tea, coffee into Willard Water. This helps in restoring pH balance in the body.

Add the correct amount of Ultimate Concentrate( 7.5ml/ Lt) to any juice you buy from supermarkets or other stores to ensure that the entire family in particular children and young adults, will drink it on a daily basis. Dr. Willard`s water Ultimate Concentrate will alkalize any water you drink and will keep your body alkaline longer and well hydrated.

Many health problems experienced by people and pets are enhanced by poor hydration and yet people are constantly asking:

  • Why is drinking water good for you?
  • Is there any health benefits of alkaline water?
  • Why is Water an essential nutrient for the body?
  • Is drinking a lot of water good for your kidneys?
  • Why do we need water in our bodies?
  • How to use it and daily servings

Dr. Willard’s Alkaline Water

Good hydration helps people perform at their best. Sometimes plain old water just doesn’t cut it. Dr. Willard Ultimate water helps to transport all the nutrients we intake faster and in greater amount and keeps our body more hydrated.

Approximately 60 percent of the body is made of water, drinking the right amount of water for your body will maintain the body’s fluid balance, which helps to transport nutrients in the body, regulates body temperature, digest food, and more.

Drinking Dr. Willard Ultimate water could also help with weight loss. Numerous studies have found a connection between water consumption and losing a few kilos.

The actual reason is very simple! Water helps people to feel full, and as a result, they intake fewer calories. Sweating at the gym causes muscles to lose water, and when the muscles don’t have enough water, they get tired.So for an extra energy drink sufficient Willard Water daily to keep your body always well hydrated, and to get rid of toxins.


For Dr. Willard`s Water® CLEAR and ULTIMATE Concentrates

Add the following amount of Concentrate to distilled, spring, filtered or tap water, juice, coffee, tea or whatever liquid you choose to drink, as long as it isn’t carbonated.

  • Add 7.5ml to 10mls to each liter
  • Add 5.0ml to a large glass (500/600ml)
  • Add 2.5ml to a small glass 250/300ml

Helpful Facts About Healthiest Bottled Water- Willard’s Water

Boiling or freezing DR. Willard`s Water® concentrates or the resulting diluted liquid, does not change its effectiveness.

Fossilized organics consist of activated carbon, amino acids, trace minerals and refined lignite. (Lignite is the fossil remains of plants grown 50 million years ago.) Use Dr. Willard`s water to Alkalize your drinking water juice, coffee, tea or whatever liquid you choose to drink where ever you are traveling in Australia or worldwide and drink Dr. Willard water all the time to get maximum health benefits and How to use it and daily servings.