Dr Willard`s Topical spray
There are many key processes that may occur within the skin to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Despite our best efforts, we are constantly in contact with a wide range of toxins,contaminants and pollutants that affect the skin including Pesticides,Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC) poor diets, excessive or regular alcohol consumption, pharmaceuticals and some medical procedures such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Our skin is the largest organ of the body and needs to be protected from the action of all sorts of pollutants contaminants and poor hydration.
Proper skin hydration level and protection from all toxins,contaminant and pollutants is key to maintaining our skin smooth and younger looking and beautiful.
Regular daily use of Dr Willard’s Topical Spray as part of your skin care routine and first line of defense from all harmful toxins contaminants and pollutants may be a decisive factor in combating signs of premature ageing associated with dry skin and adverse effect on our skin functionality.

Key Benefits
Promotes production of Collagen and Elastin Improving skin tone and ageing.
Provides superior skin hydration to help keeping Skin smooth and younger looking and beautiful.
First line of defense toxins and pollutants.
All natural,does not contains any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Parabens,Palm Oil,artificial ingredients and colourants. Certified Non-Toxic, Non-Caustic Non-Carcinogenic, Non-Mutagenic
Used by customers to alleviate problems associated with :Acme,Eczema,Psoriasis Hemorrhoids just to name a few

Dr Willard`s Topical spray is not intended to treat Diagnose, cure or prevent any skin disease

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