Which are the major key benefits of Dr Willard’s Water

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Which are the major key benefits of Dr Willard’s Water

27 Mar

For almost 5 decades Dr Willard`s Water has been used by people al, over the world as their foundation for excellent health. This highly bio-available nutrient rich water offers many health benefits when consumed on a regular basis.


  • Highly Effective and Bioavailable Formula.
  • Abundant natural source of Macro and Trace minerals.
  • Restores and maintain an optimal pH+ level ( balance 9.8-10.3).
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients, vitamins mineral of the food we eat.
  • Enhances the efficacy of all antioxidants from the food we eat and drink and from nutritional supplements.
  • Improved immune function and promotes better digestion.
  • Eliminates harmful toxins from the body ( detoxification due to high free radicals scavenging activity).
  • Assists the body with both Constipation and diarrhoea.
  • Assists in lowering the blood sugar level.
  • Assist in reduction on occasional stress. due to body`s increased ability to assimilate vital nutrients more efficiently.
  • Increasing Intracellular Hydration.
  • Stabilizing and Protecting Cells.
  • Flushing out and Preventing Wastes from accumulating in Cells.
  • Preventing Free Radicals from Forming and Damaging Other Cells.
  • Improves body function by cleaning your cells from the inside out.
  • Assist in reduction on occasional stress.