CLEAR Concentrate 3.8LT container- CARTON OF 4 GALLONS $699plus shipping(email or phone orders only)Save $114 per Gallon


Makes over 500L of Willard Water pH Balance 10
When diluted according to instructions, Dr Willard`s CLEAR Concentrate transforms normal tap water or any type of non-carbonated water into premium alkaline water with a pH. range between 9.8-10.3.

The required dosage of the CLEAR Concentrate, to be used to diluted and activate tap , purified, filtered, spring or distilled water, Is only one half of the DARK XXX / DARK  Concentrates, The CLEAR concentrate must be diluted according to instructions to ensure maximum effectiveness. Freezing, Boiling and microwaving, does not affects the properties and health benefits of the Activated Willard Water.

Dilution Instructions :Add 10 ml (2 metric table spoons) of concentrate to each litre of any form of still water including tap water.

The 3.8 Lt container make over 500 litres of alkaline Willard Water. The equivalent cost of a 473ml (16floz) bottle is AUD$29.75. Temporarily out of stock.21 days delivery time

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