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16 Nov

“I heard about Willard Water from an American friend of mine over two decades ago and she sang its praises as a powerful detoxifier and alkaline water. At the time, being a young man in my twenties and knowing everything, I had no need for such a product, however there was something about her insistence regarding the health benefits of the Willard Water that made me resolve to remember it.

I love coffee and drink three or four cups each day, and I also appreciate a diverse range of foods, including rich delicious meals, preferably with a glass or two of red wine, usually at the weekend. The reason I mention this might be obvious, my diet was far too acidic and more than likely I was perpetually dehydrated, which did not impact on me much consciously until perhaps around a year ago when I started feeling intermittently light-headed and developed some ‘heartburn’ after probably eating too quickly, or so I thought. Around about the same time my wife visited a naturopath who confirmed our suspicions that our diet was too acidic, and it was at that point I remembered my American friend’s recommendation that Willard Water was a superb alkaline water and so I ordered a bottle of the Willard Water Ultimate Concentrate to try it out.

I use about one teaspoon of Willard Water Ultimate Concentrate to a litre of water when I’m at home but for some reason I tend to add the same one teaspoon to my 750ml water bottle when I’m out and about. I prefer it stronger when I’ll be drinking less while I’m on the move and I really do enjoy the taste. Having used the Willard Water for over a year now, I can personally attest to improved hydration, a more balanced level of thirst and appetite, the elimination of ‘heartburn’ while still enjoying a diverse, rich diet and as much coffee as I like, and I have a sense that there are more subtle effects with respect to improved perception and conscious awareness, a calmer mind and being more centred in the moment.

But don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself, you’ll be glad you did!

Martin -Verified customer Drummoyne NSW 28 January 2021 November 16, 2021

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