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12 Feb


I have used Willard Water for years. I give it to my cats for hydration when they get old or sick, and it helps restore their energy when their kidneys are failing. I have kept cats alive on this stuff when they just hung over the water dish. With WW, they drink normally, as it hydrates them. I use it in my dish water, and everything gets cleaner, especially greasy pans. I use it myself in cooking, as it improves the food (honest). It also cuts grease in food, and if I didn’t use it, I would have trouble, because my gall bladder doesn’t work right. m it. My doctor said my cholesterol dropped about 100 points from one year to another, and I had carried a 265-cholesterol count for years, choosing no treatment for it. She said she had never seen a drop like this without medication. That was an unexpected bonus. I don’t drink it every day, like most. But I use it as I have described. I love it and rely on it.

Review on WebMD February 12, 2020

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