PLANTCATALYST® Concentrate 3.78 Litres(128floz)- makes 255L of ready to use product-CARTON of 4 AUD$640(160 Each) plus shipping.( phone or email order only)

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Makes 255 Lt of ready to use PlantCatalyst, at a cost of AUD $1.00 per Litre.
Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst is a nutrient absorption enhancer that improves the uptake and assimilation of nutrients. It makes ‘ordinary’ water (tap water, stored tank and well- water, purified water, etc.) more reactive and more effective as a transport medium for nutrients to the plant cells and the reported impact on living plants and vegetation is well documented and fairly extensive.
One US Gallon makes over 255 litres of ready to use product. Get more veggies , more flowers , keep your lawn greener.Safe to use and no special storage is required. Cut cost of fertilizer and increase crop all in a natural way.

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Major benefits of using Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® include:
• Larger and/or greener plants.
• More blooms and/or plants blooming earlier.
• Sturdier stocks and/or more extensive root systems.
• Greater resilience in stressful growing environments.
• More yield per plant, larger fruit/flowers and enhanced flavor and aroma.
• Reduced fertilizer costs and dependency, boost profit

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