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The Audience Is HER – HER

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The Audience Is HER – HER

16 Jan

Goodbye: Dattch

Hello: HER

In 2013 whenever idea for Dattch came to exist, we wished a reputation that will arrive at mean something new. There were a few too many SapphoKisses and GurlActions available in regards to our liking and we wanted to get a hold of a word which could portray the queer neighborhood we watched and experienced each day.

Dattch originated a snazzy combo of ‘Date’ and ‘Catch’. It actually was easy, it seemed quite sharp therefore might get the .com. Work accomplished. Except from the day we launched Dattch nobody could bloody enchantment it, and just about no one could say it. And, of course, there is also the “can it suggest xxx?”. In earlier times thirty days by yourself I’ve heard:

Daatch, Dyke, Datach, Ditch, Datch, Butch, Snatch, Dutch, Daattch, Catch Snatch, Dyke Catch, Date Snatch, Dykey-Butchy-Snatch

You’re a creative lot, I’ll offer you that.

And as much as all of us love Dykey-Butchy-Snatch, virtually, it don’t actually express the organization we have now become as well as the entire society that we are home to.

So we started considering in which this can get. Whenever we had been for a fresh name, what might it is and just how could it express what we should represent.

We invested months brainstorming, evaluating, and fundamentally selecting all of our new name.

Naturally it wasn’t an easy (or a light) choice. But it is one we are insane worked up about.


Its simple and it is what we’re all right here for.

I’m Her.

You are Her.

We are Her.

We know it is a big change. But we now haven’t completed this without you at heart. The woman represents what we have confidence in. Creating items on her, for all of us. Because many of us are Her. I happened to be the woman the initial night We kissed a girl, we were Her as soon as we arrived to our parents, you had been the woman whenever you fell in love with a female the very first time, we had been Her as soon as we began creating an app for connecting this whole community. I will be Her. You may be Her. We all have been, Her.

But this is certainly more than a name change – it is a complete business modification. There seemed to be lots we wanted to fix with the application also it believed to deliver the two with each other as a chance to demonstrate whatever you’re right here to accomplish and that which we are a symbol of.

Our very own outdated software happens to be fantastic: outstanding discovering system, a great way to start building all of our neighborhood, a great way to start helping ladies satisfy one another. Therefore we’ve had some wonderful stories of romance, friendship, moving out from the dresser,


moving appropriate out that dresser with feathers and sparkle and confetti cannons. But there is still been alot lacking from your software. You had been looking a lot more. Exactly how we are present as a community goes beyond just matchmaking. We’re interested in friends, partners, occasions, development tales, character types and an easy way in order to get our lezzie info in one single easy spot. So that’s the experience we need to end up building for your family together.

But Rome was not built-in on a daily basis. You’re see united states raising a whole lot within the the following year. You will see the knowledge improve and better once we discover what works and precisely what doesn’t, so that as we create the most readily useful feminine area we are able to.

To have right here we have now practically spent months talking to you all to comprehend the thing that was functioning, what was lacking, that was really awkies and that which was truly aces. We have now asked you in studies, we have came across you for testing, we delivered you concerns in-app, we had gotten much too intoxicated with each other after a brainstorm or two. All because we need to build the software which is going to work best for you. You happen to be Her. You create you just who we’re, so what you inform us, counts.

Okay, very here is what’s altered:


– see each profile, one at a time. Discover her profile board & state what you fancy upon it. If she’s enjoyed something about your own website as well, we are going to inform you, it’s likely you’ll have a whole lot to have a chat in regards to.


– a way to obtain information for what’s going on in your neighborhood. Content, activities, what individuals tend to be up to. Yes, its similar to Lesbian Facebook.

Not much more grid

– you can view everybody in the satisfy section, and you may see just what everyone is to in Feed, and that means you don’t need to see everybody once more for the grid. Do not freak, you still arrive at fulfill all the ladies.

New colours and logo ‘n stuff

– we changed our very own name and brand name therefore it is gonna feel quite distinct from the inside as well. It’s still all of us but with a jazzy new dress. We hope you would like it.

We’ve got launched HER on new iphone 4 for the time being and

Android os can be coming really quickly


We’re truly sorry that Android os’s not right here for Day 1 but we are going to end up being finding its way back for your requirements soon. We love you, kindly forgive all of us… and keep making use of Dattch in the meantime!


Launching Her sees the start of a new period for us. As a group, as an app so that as a residential area. Should you want to be a part of that, be an integral part of whatever you’re establishing, whether that is through testing, comments, comments or helping all of us release around the world! Do get in touch. Our company is Her as much as you are Her therefore want you as part of what this current year is going to deliver.

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