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Dr. Willard’s Water – what is it?

Over 50 years ago, a brilliant scientist John Willard PhD whilst in the process of conducting research on a highly concentrated trace mineral water made an amazing discovery of a new form of water which became known as Dr. Willard’s Water. Thi

What is the difference between Dr Willard’s Clear, Dark, Ultimate Concentrates?

Dr. Willard’s Water® CLEAR™ Concentrate contains the full-strength (about twice the amount) of the patented catalyst (Micelle) of the DARK™ Concentrate. it has a noticeable different taste than normal water and contains m

How should Willard Water® be diluted?

CLEAR and ULTIMATE Concentrates must be diluted as follows: 1 teaspoon (2.5ml) to 250 ml (approx.8fluid ounces) glass of water, tea, coffee, juice or other non-carbonated liquid. 1 tablespoon (5ml) to 500ml (approx.16flu

How much Willard Water® should I drink per day?

We recommend a daily consumption of three to five 250ml (approximately8oz) glasses of water, tea, coffee, juices or other non-carbonated liquid with Willard Water® Clear or Ultimate concentrate added in the recommended dilution amounts. Adding

Is the Ultimate concentrate the best to consume?

The ULTIMATE Concentrate available in Australia is the premium of the 3 concentrate formulas. When diluted according to instructions, it transforms normal tap water into the smoothest and easy to drink premium alkaline water with a pH. Range be

How does the product help with my pH or internal alkalinity?

Some health experts believe that the body’s pH levels are a key factor in determining one’s overall health. Willard Water® has a very high alkaline pH value of 12.3 and when diluted as published, has a pH range 9.8-10.3 and permanently incr

Can Willard Water® help people who suffer from Coeliacs disease and gluten intolerance?

Yes! Individuals who suffer from gluten intolerance have problems with both digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies can create a variety of health challenges not limited to the malabsorption of fats, protein

How can the product help with vitamin/mineral/nutrient absorption and toxin removal?

Willard Water® breaks down food and toxin particles in the bloodstream into even smaller particles which allows the body and cells to more readily absorb the good while more efficiently flushing the bad.

Which are the major key benefits of Dr Willard’s Water

Facts For almost 5 decades Dr Willard`s Water has been used by people al, over the world as their foundation for excellent health. This highly bio-available nutrient rich water offers many health benefits when consumed on a reg

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