CLEAR™Concentrate 946ml (32fl. oz) bottle,makes 125 litres of water

946ml (32fl oz) bottle of Dr. Willard’s Water® CLEAR™ Concentrate.contains about twice the amount of patented catalyst present on the DARK XXX™ Concentrate, and very little amount of trace minerals and fossilized organic compounds of the DARK XXX Concentrate.The CLEAR™ Concentrate must be diluted according to instructions to ensure maximum effectiveness: 7.5/10ml ml per each litre of distilled, spring, filtered or tap water of water.
The cost of each litre of water after dilution is only AUD $ 0.80

$99.95 $69.95

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When diluted as per instructions (see dilution instructions) Dr Willard’s alkaline Water has a pH value of 10.3, consumed regularly, can ultimately contribute to weight loss and anti-aging. Amongst several other benefits including skin hydration level, detoxification, and balance in your body’s pH levels, researchers have also found traces of antibiotics that occur naturally in the lignite contained in the Willard Water. It contains Silica (Silicon) which along with calcium, helps to grow and maintain strong bones. It is also an important anti-aging nutrient and a major player in preventing osteoporosis. Silica (Silicon) is also important for the growth of hair, skin and fingernails.
Drinking Dr Willard’s alkaline water is more cost effective for consumers seeking alkaline water, it is also the most Eco-conscious premium alkaline water, as one 32oz bottle of Dr Willard`s CLEAR concentrate, alkalize approximately 125 litres of purified , filtered or tap water saving the environment from 124 bottles.

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